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Energy Prices Set to Rise again

As the nights get darker and the temperature drops, the price of electricity and heating has soared adding further pressure to households ahead of a long winte


Trying to keep your old boiler going is false economy. Depending on your property size your old boiler can be costing up to £550 a year! Install new A rated boiler pay nothing until October 2019 10 years parts & Labour as little £12.00 per month

Pitfalls of Home Boiler Cover

Be careful when taking out home boiler cover can cost you a fortune.
British Gas charge customer almost £700 a year see Article:

Recent Article from The Guardian

Having recently retired, I have been taking a keener interest in my outgoings. As I went through all the paperwork, I was staggered to see that Scottish Gas (British Gas) has demanded £629 to renew my HomeCare 4 agreement which covers my boiler, central heating and plumbing.

I had been paying it by direct debit which, more than likely, made me a bit lax in checking the renewal quotes and as result it must have slowly crept up.

I asked British Gas why I was paying so much but it couldn’t give me a satisfactory explanation. It did say that prices do include expected parts and labour, which could be required throughout the annual agreement.

I cancelled the agreement but, out of curiosity, I called as a new customer and was quoted £384 for the exact same cover. Is there anything I can do to highlight this and to make people aware they need to check renewals closely? I have managed to get much cheaper cover elsewhere. EH, Aberdeen. (Guardian 2018)

A new boiler with 10 years parts and labour is available for as little as £30.00 a month. With no deposit 10 years peace of mind and. Nothing to pay until October next year

Benefits of smart thermostat

Benefits of smart thermostat

A smart home starts with a smart thermostat

Smart thermostats are excellent additions to any smart home because they let you control the temperature in your abode digitally, and intelligently.

The best smart thermostats learn your routines, like when you leave the house in the morning and when you go to sleep at night. You can control them from anywhere in the world through your phone, enable you to adjust temperatures room-by-room, and even let you control your heating using your voice. Boilerserveukltd ar a recognised Nest pro installer and have fitted many of the new third generation product.
According to Nest a correctly installed Nest thermostat along with an A rated condensing boiler can show as much as a 60% energy saving when replacing an old G rated boiler in a detached property

One thing to be aware of if you are thinking of purchasing a Nest or any other smart thermostat is that to obtain the best savings your home needs to be connected to the internet. The reason for this is the thermostat collects real time weather data to enable it to set your radiators to the minimum temperature possible to maintain the selected ambient heat.